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Product Name:Galaxy printer UD-3212LD

Product Details:
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1 Unit/Units
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USD 100.00-1000.00 /Unit
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Production Capacity:
500 Unit/Units
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Wooden case

Detailed Product Description:

1 DX5 printhead
2 X,Y axis AC servo motors
3 Bearing rail,stable and long durability
4 High quality
5 Ink -SGS certificate




Printhead Epson DX5
Number of printhead 2 Heads
Maximum print width 3,200mm
Print Speed (m2/h)   Print mode Standard output(m2/h)
720 dpi 360 dpi RD  2PASS 65
360 dpi 1080 dpi D 3PASS 44
720 dpi 720 dpi S 4PASS 33
1080 dpi Q 6PASS 22
1440 dpi HQ 8PASS 16
2160 dpi BL 12PASS 11
Ink Type: Solvent Ink / ECO Solvent Ink
Color : 4 Color (C,M,Y,K)
Capacity: 1L per Main Tank of Each Color
Ink Supply System Auto Ink Supply System
Media Width Maximum 3,300mm

Note:       1) Only provides double head option

                2) Take-up system is an option

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